How come my outlook and office settings go away when I reboot?

by on May 23, 2011

Q: After connecting to a domain, I installed Microsoft office 2007. I put icons on the dektop for outlook, word, excel, etc. After rebooting, the icons disappeared, and i had to re-configure my outlook all over again. Why dont these settings stay? Is ther something i have to do to make everything stay?

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    Do any settings of any kind stay? For example if you set a personal wallpaper and then reboot is it still there later?

    Also, what version of Windows are you running and is this a personal computer or one that is managed by your employer?


      The wallpaper stays..I am running Vista Business Edition..I did try Windows 7 pro..same thing happens. It’s only after i connect to a domain that everything disappears. Not sure if it has anything to do with our server or not. or the profiles


    I’m guessing this domain you connect to has some system policies that are causing the problem.

    You’ll need to contact the domain’s support group to technical assistance with the issue.