How do I find components for my computer that are compatible?

by on May 27, 2011

Q: Ok im trying to upgrade my computer and i need to know what is compatible with what. im running an AMD Phenom II X$ 810 Quad-core processor DX4300-15e. im trying to find a compatible motherboard with cpu a compatible 4gb ddr3 with motherboard and ram compatible with computer. and i just have the factory hardware right now. if this stuff makes sense which im not sure it does.

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    Sounds like you want to get rid of your existing motherboard, cpu and ram.

    You’ve got a few limitations as far as compatibility goes.

    1) Your Computer Case – This looks like it’s a pretty small computer case, and it might not be able to handle a full ATX form factor motherboard. Get in there with a tape measure and see how big your motherboard is in millimeters and compare to the form factor list here: You’re going to probably be either ATX, miniATX or MicroATX.

    2) Your current power supply. Looks like there is only a 300W Power supply with this computer, depending on what you’re planning on putting in there you might need some more power

    3) You might need a video card too. Unless you buy a motherboard with integrated video, you’re going to need to buy a separate video card as well.

    Beyond those potential limits, and you can always replace the PSU and Case, the sky is the limit. Your Harddrive and DVD drive will work with basically anything.

    If you’d like me to suggest a complete set of components send me an e-mail at


    Take at look at new egg from parts. they have a great selection.

    Your Phenom CPU socket type is a AM3. And I also selected Phenom II to narrow the search.
    This seems to have gotten good rating (4 of 5 out of 500+ reviews)
    Has all the latest technology on it as well.

    At the bottom of the page there is a link to Cosair 4gb of DDR3 RAM as well which will work with that system.

    If you have further questions please let me know.