How come my computer will not play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?

by on May 29, 2011

Q: I bought a 2nd hand game called Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

Now when I put in laptop it wont even read the disc and every other game I have works fine (I even have a other game which requires higher system requirements and it reads it fine!!)

I thought it might be faulty so I took it back to Cex (the 2nd hand shop near me) and they tried it on one of their laptops and it was working fine, heck it even started installing it. I tried again at home once again, waited like 5 minutes and it still wouldn’t even read it.

Please help?? I love this game and they won’t refund me because it’s not faulty (apparently lol)

One Response to “How come my computer will not play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?”

    Sounds like your laptop is having a hard time reading the DVD. Normally this is caused by some built up junk on the lens reader or possibly a scratch or smudge on the disk itself.

    So first, take a look at the bottom of the DVD and see if it looks like there are any smudges, if there are use a clean damp cloth and gently wipe from the center of the disk to the outside edge. You can also try using glass cleaner.

    Try the disk again after it is clean.

    If it still doesn’t work then you can try using a DVD lens cleaner disk on your drive to see if that fixes the problem.