What is the best registry cleaner?

by on July 9, 2011

Q: I have searched for some idea of the best registry cleaner and each site recommends a different cleaner. Do your subscribers have a favorite? How can I find out which is best? My Registry Mechanic subscription is due, and I think there may be a better one out there.

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    Microsoft made huge improvements to the Windows Registry after Windows 98. You no longer need registry cleaners. It’s snake oil. Having extra data entries in your Windows Registry will not have a negative impact on your performance.

    Many registry cleaners will actually really mess up your computer.

    All that said if you totally insist on using one, use ccleaner. (Which you should be using anyway to delete old files)


    It’s free, it does the more important job of delete extra junk files from your harddrive and any registry cleaning it does it has never broken a computer. It also prompt you to make a backup of your registry before it does any registry editing.