How do I get my zoom level back on my taskbar?

by on July 18, 2011

Q: I lost my zoom level on my task bar several months ago and i can’t get it back, what can I do?

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    Was this a zoom level where you changed the size of webpages that you were reading to make the text larger or smaller?

    If so, what web browser are you using?


    yes, I had an icon on my taskbar at the bottom of my screen and it disappear. I use goole search and bing, and I have used recovery method for my computer, but that did not work


    I responded incorrectly to mark, I do not know what a browser is, therefore, you would have to tell me this


    A web browser is the type of computer program that is used to view web pages.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all examples of web browsers.

    I’m willing to guess that you’re just using Internet Explorer which would have been already installed on your computer.

    At the top of your screen you should see a menu bar “File, Edit, View,” etc.

    Click on View, then click on Status Bar.

    Does this fix your problem?


      You are correct, I am using the Internet explorer, Thanks for explaining what a web browser is. I am totally computer illiterate, as I am sure you can tell! I do not have a menu bar at the top of my screen, I may have had it, but I have let Dell Tech. work on so many things that I did wrong and they corrected, that perhaps they removed the menu bar, or I did. I THANK YOU for your advice, but I guess I will just live without the resize icon.

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      Mark, I found it! I have a bar that has tools, page, safety, etc. So I clicked on tools, scrolled down, saw menu, clicked on status and my rezise icon is back on my screen with other things on that bar!!!! THANK YOU- THANK YOU- THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am so very grateful to you, I hope in the future you can help me, if I need it!!! This was so much easier than Dell Tech. support, not to take anything away from them, they have been just great to me, but this was even easier!!! Have a great day!