Can I put the hard drive from my old computer into my new computer?

by on July 30, 2011

Q: we were given a computer with no hard drive the computer we have is an older model probably out of date this is a newer computer with more memory on it would it be possible to use our old hard drive

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    If the drive can be plugged into the computer, then it can be used.

    However, you will need to reinstall Windows on the drive. You can’t just take a harddrive from one computer, pop it into another one and have Windows boot fine on it.

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    You should be able to put a new hard drive into the computer. How ever the only thing you may need is a conversion cable. You will need to find out if your hard drive has sata or IDE connectors and then find out what connectors are on the motherboard.
    In the image the connector on the left is IDE and the connector on the right is SATA.

    New Harddrive though are inexpensive enough that you can buy then for less than $.01 a GB.