Is there any way to keep my phone from being spied on?

by on July 30, 2011

Q: i feel my phone is being spied on. i dont have much money. is there a free option to find out and protect my phone in the future. i have a motarola droidx

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    Can you explain further why you feel your phone is being spied on?


    From your home screen if you hit menu>settings>application>manage applications you can see all applications installed. This will also show you if there is some sort of spy program installed. If you find a title you are not familiar with look it up to find out more details.


    the guy i think is spying on my phone bought a tracking app online. and if that didnt work im sure he’d try a different source. or maybe a better spy software.
    plus he has the iphone 4G, i have the droidx


    how can i find out if spy software is on my phone. im new to the droidx so if there is a way to look on my phone id need directions on how to do it.


    i know this sounds pretty silly at this point, but can i use my motarola droidX to spy on a iphone4G? IV’ve been asked to get married. he thinks im cheating, and im not!!!!! . He has been acting fishy saying he has to work saturdays all of asudden. Hes been on dating sites in the past and lied about it. he just got his iphone and i think he may be using it to get to online dating sites. I cant check his phone to find out. Its hard for me to go to his work since its two hours away. i dont have a job and would like to know if theres any free gps or phone spyware i could use with his phone. please please someone help me!!!!!! i really need to know before i say”i do”.


    i still need answers to my first questions also


    Thanks for the additional information. For someone other than law enforcement to be spying on your phone they’d need to actually get their hands on your phone and actually install the software on it. The same goes for your wanting to spy on someone else. No hands on their phone and their phone password, then you’re not going to be doing anything.

    Also, while this is and not, if you two have these kinds of trust issues before you’re married, they aren’t going to get better after you get hitched.


    i can access his phone while hes sleeping. its not password locked.