How do I figure out if files downloaded from a Torrent site are inappropriate?

by on August 1, 2011

Q: Hi I urgently need help with this matter. I not so long ago asked a similar question and got mixed answers. Well here I am again finding strange files on my PC. I am not the only one using this computer, as a matter of fact I rarely use it. This time I have did a search for uTorrent files on my computer because movies get downloaded from this program often times and 4 suspicious files popped up when I checked properties it said they were created while I was away. Once again similar situation happened before with these files with the program Ares and windows media player classic. These files said disturbing things suggesting that they were child porn, they seemed to be deleted but the uTorrent link is what was there, there four different ones and all had the acronyms either: pthc, R@ygold, hussy fan, king pass on them. Please someone tell me if this is what I think, or could they be something else. I did a virus scan with AVG and it said I had no viruses. PLEAE HELP ASAP!! Thank you!!

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    These file names from what I can assume are more than likely related to pornography. You mentioned childporn. If it is it can lead to very serious consequences. It should be taken seriously.

    First you might want to check with your ISP to see if they offer any kind of filtering tools. If they do not you can do a google search for tools. One I found with a quick search is call WebWatcher.,2817,2385748,00.asp

    However this may not stop this from completely happening. Blocking the internet completely is very difficult. It may lead to one of the “primal” ways of blocking the internet all together which would be not allowing the computer to be accessed at all while you are not around(take the plug or if it is a laptop hide it or take the network cables.)

    If you have further questions please ask.


    Also I meant to mention that your virus scan probably did not mark these are infected files because they do not contain any infection.

    But instead do contain pictures or videos that may have nudity in them.


    I recall your prior question, given the past history I’d say you probably have someone willfully viewing this type of content on your computer.


    Yes that is my concern as these file names have popped up several times, when I approached the other person in the home they said they were going onto a lot of weird porn sites and that uTorrent or Ares would begin downloading these types of files after lynks were clicked, it doesn’t make sense to me however? Is it possible? And if so why are they only files with these types of disgusting names?


    these files also said they were .rar, .zip, .avi …do these signify anything?


    these were a .rar, .zip and .avi file, does this signify anything important? Thank’s.


    .rar and .zip files are compressed files. They allow you to “zip up” any number of files into one big file.

    .avi files are video files.

    As for uTorrent or Ares downloading files when links are clicked, that’s basically what they’re supposed to do.

    Normally this happens when someone clicks on links to download files.

    If your real question is if these files were intentionally downloaded or accidentally downloaded, you should talk to the person that did it. There is no technical way to show intent.