Can I use high density memory?

by on September 11, 2011

Q: Can I use high density memory? Is seems to be the most common available but some websites suggest it is a cheap alternative with compatibility issues.

I have a Compaq desktop with an athlon amd64. There are four memory slots and only one is being used (512 just now). I’d like to add another 1gig.

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    I’m not sure what you mean by “high density memory”. Do you mean a stick of memory that has more than 512Megs on it?

    If you can provide the exact model number for the Compaq desktop I can show memory that is compatible with your computer.


    Thanks Mark, I did a scan online and got to this- ‘DDR 3200 DDR (non ecc)’. I just put that straight into eBay (try it) and there’s a vast selection, some pushing the ‘High Density’ aspect. Not wanting to get stung I did a bit of research and it seems to relate to the number of chips on each side of the module, but after that I got lost.

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    The ebay posts about “high density” is basically just a marketing term you can ignore.

    Assuming that the scan you did on-line was accurate (you also try this one if you have’t already ) this kit should work great for you
    I would suggest removing your existing stick of memory and putting these two new ones in.