How do I setup my network better?

by on September 18, 2011

Q: please solve my network prob tat i am facing now.
setup is in here
My probs are, i dont no,
1.wat “D” device has to be.(router or network switch)
my need for “D” is to host a wireless accesspoint so that all wireless clients joining “D” can access my “C” router’s network.

2.wat should be the ssid,wpa2,channel (should it be same as my “C” router),ip address,gateway,dhcp enabled or disabled for “A” ?(the mod for “A” is AP and “B” is client).

3.wat should be the ip address,gateway for “B”

4.if “D” device is router wat should be the mod,port to connect the “B”,ip address,gateway etc

pls help me with as much details as possible i am setting this up for gaming

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    1. Device D should be a wireless access point.
    2. ssid, wpa2 and channel can either the same of different. If they are the same the computer will select the access point itself. I like setting them different so I can force the computer to connect to the access point I want it to.
    3. gateway IPs can just be auto-configured.

    I have a similar setup using NETGEAR MCAB1001’s as the gateway and a cheap wireless access point as D.


    thank u for helping.
    one doubt is tat i heard tat using same channel can cause both of the equipment to lose range, can it ?


    Since it only takes a few clicks to change these settings, I suggest just trying it both ways and see what works best for you.


    Thanku Mark.