How come the backlight on my laptop screen turns off for no reason on my Acer Aspire 8920G?

by on September 30, 2011

Q: I’m not sure if I’ve asked about this problem before, so forgive me if I have.
I have an Acer Aspire 8920G (that is a lemon), which is giving me grief with the screen. What happens is that if I turn the computer off for any period of time, when I boot up, the screen backlight will keep turning itself off. Note that I do NOT close the lid on the laptop, when I shut down. The backlight will stay on after constantly pressing the Func.F6 button, but it can take up to an hour or more of doing that constantly until the screen stays on. As of today, however, the screen started to flicker between going black and coming back on, and I also noticed that the picture wasn’t as bright. Also, as opposed to turning itself off instantly, now it does a quick fade. Any ideas or suggestions out there? I’m hoping I can find a way to fix it without having to replace the backlight itself. This problem has been ongoing for about a year and a half. Acer Computers; I’ll never buy one again…
Thanks for your time, everyone, and I’ll await an answer.

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    1. Call Acer and explain the problem anyway. They might be able to help you out.

    2. There is a small chance that you might just have a lose cable inside the laptop. Don’t take your computer apart until after you’ve talked to Acer. If you’re not comfortable taking a laptop apart, talk to a local repair professional. They’ll be able to see if it’s just a lose cable or if you need to get the screen replaced.


    Thanks for the advice. I’ve sent an email to their support division, but from what I’ve gotten from them in the past, I’m not expecting much for an answer. I’ll let you know, though.
    Thanks again.


    Just to update: I have heard back from the Acer support team, and they had two suggestions: Unplug and discharge any static discharge. Two: Well, actually, there was no second suggestion, just “we don’t make parts for that anymore so good luck to you”. Pretty much the response I expected. I’ll drop the computer off at a repair depot and see what happens. But if anybody else has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.