How can I transfer video from my Canon camcorder to my new Gateway FX6860-EF22P?

by on October 1, 2011

Q: I have just purchased a Gateway FX6860-EF22P.
I needed to transfer video from my Canon camcorder but my PC does not have firewire or PCI slots. I purchased a new PCIe firewire card. My new PC recognized my new card and installed drivers.
My camcorder does not recognize my PC. Yes I have tried a legacy driver but still no luck.
I need help.

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    I’ll need to know the model information for the Canon.


    My camcorder is a Canon Elura 80.


    Thanks, will also need to know the make and model of the firewire card you purchased.

    Also, are you running Windows 7 64bit or Windows 7 32bit?


    It was a Star Tech card. Model number PEX1394A2.
    2 Port PCI-Express 1394a Firewire 400 card.


    Windows 7 64bit.


    Double check the manual for your camcorder to make sure that your setting it up correctly for the firewire connection.

    If everything looks okay, it’s probably either a problem with the camcorder or the firewire card. So do some process of elimination troubleshooting:

    Either use your camcorder with someone’s computer that has a known working firewire card, or use someone’s camcorder with firewire that is known to work fine and try that on your computer.