How can I get notified when new information is posted on a website?

by on October 27, 2011

Q: I monitor a website that post assignments on a first come first serve basis. I use a reloader to do that. Manually / Visually checking it after a reloan.
What I need is a way for the address link to notify me when it post on the website. Not after by email like the program app Notify Me …

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    1. What is the name of the website? Some options may work on some sites and not others.

    2. How would you like to be notified of these assignments?

    3. Are you checking every few days or basically sitting in front of the computer refreshing and watching for stuff to come in?

    4. What operating system are you running? Windows 7, Vista, OS X, etc?


    Mark, thank you for taking time to respond.
    (1)The name of the site is:
    For confidential reasons I replaced the site name with (company name)
    (2) alarm noise then, email & tex
    (3) Sitting infront of the computer with auto refresh on .
    (4) Windows XP
    Again, Thanks Mark!


    The only realistic way to do this is for a service to be setup by the website that sends alerts. If they are already setup to do automated e-mail alerts you can input the SMS e-mail address on your phone and the e-mail will be sent to you as an SMS.

    I would e-mail the website and ask that they make this kind of service available.


    Mark, that would be a good idea, but this company doesn’t even like us using an auto-refresh app.

    This type notification needs to be done without their knowledge.

    Again thanks for you help!


    Doing anything without their knowledge is basically impossible. Anytime you refresh or query their system the access will be logged on their servers.


    Noted Mark, so they know I’m using an auto-refresh app. Oh well, I would still like to chance a way of being notified if you can think of one… Many thanks !


    Sorry, I have no suggestions other than what you’re already doing. The only realistic options would need to be implemented server-side by the vendor.