What is a good handheld device for an 11 year old to get on the Internet?

by on October 27, 2011

Q: Was planning on giving my son my iphone 4 and disable the phone (he doesn’t need one yet) to upgrade myself to the iphone “5” ha!
The plan was/is, a year from now my son will eventually activate the phone. (am cheap)
Now am considering just getting him an inexpensive tablet or netbook in the meanwhile (to wait for the next iphone upgrade for myself) so that he can play games and access the internet so he doesn’t go on my macbook all of the time.
Any suggestions on what to get him?
He’s 11.
I purchased (without knowing and will send it back) an ereader yesterday that doesn’t support flash/android apps that we want.
(am a mac person so have no clue about android, etc.)

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    You can always get an ipod touch, if you are looking for a larger platform there are a few tablets out there ipad2, the kindle fire is coming out and will cost only $200, there are also several other options for android tablets.


    Thanks. Yes. The ipod touch was the original “want” but I figured he could use my iphone 4 instead (without the phone capability) and I would upgrade.
    Now that that’s not happening, am considering an android tablet (with android market capability — I dont believe the fire has that) so that he can use it not just for games, but also for opening up office type files that he uses for studying. Am considering an archos 9 despite it’s apparently not so great plastic shell.
    This will hold him over perfectly for a variety of uses until he gets my iphone a year from now.


    ipad is still your market leader and has a lot of restrictions/parental controls built right in.

    You can have the ipad hooked into your existing itunes account and use the same apps without paying for them again on a different platform.

    iPad also has ‘Pages’ from apple for $10, which will give you all the MS Word support you’ll need:

    For spreadsheets:


    I know. Am a mac user. Just can’t justify getting my kid, at minimum, a $500 device (not including taxes) when I don’t eve own one. ha!
    Am currently on a 2006/7 macbook that i upgraded the memory and hard drive on myself. (see. like I said, I AM cheap!)
    I would LOVE to upgrade my entire family to all mac all the time with all the latest and greatest.
    I would also LOVE to take vacations around the world every year, too. 😉


    Based on the other devices you mentioned, I’m assuming your budget is about $300 then.

    Consider a used Gen 1 Pad, or a netbook of some kind like an Asus Eee PC.