How come my laptop will not charge after dropping it?

by on November 8, 2011

Q: I tripped on the power cord of my HP G60 laptop and it fell of of a fairly short table, about 1’6″ from the ground.
It was open and landed face down. When I picked it up, the only damage I could find was that the frame around the screen had opened a little, but snapped shut easily. Then when I rebooted the computer the image on the screen was perfect and the entire computer seemed to be functioning as usual. But for some reason it wouldn’t register that the power cord was plugged in no matter what I did. Then the battery suddenly went from 77% to dead in about 30 seconds flat. But when I looked at the battery, it seemed to be completely undamaged.
What do you think is wrong with my computer and can it be fixed?

One Response to “How come my laptop will not charge after dropping it?”

    You will need to take your computer to a repair shop. Contact HP and they should be able to direct you to a local repair shop or provide other options.