How come my computer will not boot after the power went out?

by on November 14, 2011

Q: My refurbished desktop computer, which has Windows XP pro installed on it and have boot up disk but my power went out and now comp. wont boot up. even f10 way. set up way.. nothing. the disk seems to work b4 but now doesn’t. it says in setup screen that setup did not find any hard disk drive installed n comp.. t has been working fine for past year. maybe disk is screwed?? don’t know?? but how or what can i do to reinstall hard disk drive?? i have no other disks that came with comp

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    Sounds like HDD is dead. Try unhooked and hooking your drive back up. Do you have another drive to stick into the Computer to test and see if it reads the drive. If it does read a drive it means your old drive is dead.


    If the hard drive does appear to be dead, go to the hard drive manufacturer’s website and check to see if it is still under warranty. Many drives have a 5 year warranty.