How can I be sure that a DVD I burn will play on all DVD players?

by on November 30, 2011

Q: i burnt some dvd’s and tried to play it on my aunts player she has a ONN player they would not play after making it i saved it with mpeg it plays on my dvd but i am worried because i have made dvd’s for 11 different people my questions are
1 is there any specific type of blank cassette i can or should buy
2 would it make a difference if i saved it with avi
i would not mind re-doing them if there was a way i could be sure

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    it sounds like you are just burning the mpeg to a DVD and not burning the file in DVD format. It also sounds like your DVD player has multiple player formats.

    I use this program ConvertXtoDVD. It works great. Here is a link to the trial software.

    I use that to burn movies and has played on every player without a problem.

    Let me know if you need more help.

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    Just copying video files directly to a DVD as data will only work on a small number of DVD players.

    For best results you’ll want to select the Create DVD Video disk/movie disk option available with your CD Burning Software. The final disk that gets created should have a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder created if you look at the contents.

    If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can use these instructions: