How do I get internet working on my Samsung Galaxy Phone?

by on February 8, 2012

Q: Hi, can anyone tell please me how to make my samsung galaxy android phone internet to work? What settings do I need to change?

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    I am not really sure what you are asking. Are you clicking on the web browser on your phone and getting some kind of error or are you having a problem connecting to WiFi or is it something else completely?

    The more information you give us the faster you will get an answer.


    If your phone has service with a carrier then the internet should work without any problems by clicking on the internet icon(varies per phone, my Samsung phone says browser).

    If you don’t have service and are trying to use the phone you may be able to connect it to a wifi connection and then click on the internet icon.

    If this isn’t quite what you are looking for please let me know some more details and I will try to help further.


    Firstly,thank you for your answer. My phone is samsung galaxy 551 and my mobile operator sent me text that internet connection is available. However, when I try to access the internet message pops up that there is no internet connection, So I was wandering what configuration do I need to change in my cell phone to have internet access?

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    If they are stating it is available but you are not able to surf the web it may be an additional option your carrier offers but needs to be added on.

    I would contact you carrier and find out if there is additional pricing and then if they say it is already added inform them that you are unable to surf the web and they will be able to troubleshoot further or possibly replace the phone if needed.


    Thank You I will contact my mobile operator.