How can I retrieve voicemails off my HTC Magic?

by on February 17, 2012

Q: I’m desperately seeking assistance in retrieving some voicemail messages from my ‘HTC magic’ phone.. the only trouble is I’ve migrated from ‘3’ to ‘Optus’ today and now using the new iPhone4s.. Is there a special voicemail number i can ring to retrieve/save these sentimental voicemail messages??

Thanks for your time and help!

One Response to “How can I retrieve voicemails off my HTC Magic?”

    I believe you have Visual Voicemail on the HTC. If that is the case then the voicemail is taken off the cell phone companies servers and put on your phone. So you would have to turn on your HTC and make sure the voicemails are still there and if they are you will have to figure out a way to actually record them with another device. I am not aware of a way to be able to send a voicemail.