How come FreeMeter is telling me I use more bandwidth than my cable ISP is telling me I use?

by on February 24, 2012

Q: I downloading a bandwidth monitor called FreeMeter that puts my onlive gaming at about 2 gb an hour. The last two nights alone, with updates done to my computer, downloaded content, and a couple hours of gaming, FreeMeter has calculated that I have used 31.32 GB of Bandwidth. I have a bandwidth cap of 150 gb per month.

Since Rogers inplicated the Bandwidth caps, they have made an online bandwidth tracker in the “My Rogers” section, however, the past two days Rogers has only calculated that I have used a mere 9GB of my bandwidth, instead of the massive 30gb FreeMeter had calculated.

This is a huge difference, and I’m concerned that I will go over my bandwidth cap, and won’t even know it.

What can be the cause of this difference?

Additional Details:

Rogers has updated my usage. They have posted my usage from Feb. 20-22, but set that usage to the low 9 GB. Unless this usage is going to be changed within the next 24 hours, they have kept it up to date.

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    Hi Zumbii, This can be a tough one to answer as not all bandwidth monitoring is monitored in the same way.
    Some bandwidth is monitored by an average of 15 second intervals and the more accurate bandwidth is monitored by Netflows which monitor every packet that is sent/received by your computer/internet connection. You also need to pay attention to how it is being calculated. It could be calculated in Bits or Bytes.

    I would not worry so much about what free meter is reporting as they are not the ones that will penalize you for going over. Also keep in mind that most ISP’s monitor your bandwidth on a 95th percentile of all traffic.


    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the 95th percentile, but I appreciate your answer.

    I have posted this question on various forums, including Yahoo and even Rogers itself, and no one has given me an answer.

    I will keep checking. Worst case scenario, they have an updated day-to-day monitoring system on their website. Come the end of the month, I’ll print out their listings , just encase my bill doesn’t match the information on the website.

    Thanks again. I appreciate the help =]