What is the most powerful internet security software today?

by on February 27, 2012

Q: Whats the most powerful internet security software today? My operating system is windows XP SP2.

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    I would say as a free antivirus/Malware application that Microsoft Security Essentials with the latest windows updates is very effective. I have also had experience with Symantec Antivirus 2012 as well which also seems effective but does have a licensing cost.

    If your version of XP is on SP2 I would suggest upgrading to SP3 via Windows update and apply any other patches that are available to make your system the most secure.


    I currently have Avast Internet security, the full top of the line paid for subscription. Yeah Im a little paranoid about security. lol I tried MSE, but I felt that it was kinda a memory hog. But anyway, I was just wondering what was everyones opinion on whats the most powerful, free or not. I never bothered to upgrade to SP3 because I think SP2 is the best OS microsoft has made to date, even better than 7 in my opinion. My 9 year old XP SP2 system boots quicker than a friend of mine’s brand new 7 PC. And I’ve only got about 1.5 GM of ram and a stock CPU.