Why does my System Restore Fail to work?

by on March 12, 2012

Q: Why does my System Restore Fail to work? Every time i attempt to use it, it tells me to restart my computer. I have been having this problem for months now.

“System Restore is not able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer, and then run System Restore again.

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    Have you tried to restore to different dates or only to the most recent restore point? It may be that the system restores that are actually taking place are failing.

    As well are you trying to restore your PC due to a virus relate issue? If so most viruses will also attempt to infect your system restore files as well.

    Is your system powering on at the moment? You can try to run a new system restore and test it to very if system restore is working or not. If it is still failing there may be files that are corrupt in your system.

    If you are looking for any more info please let me know.

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    I cant create a restore point at all. My computer was hit with a bad virus but i managed to get it off my pc and my pc worked normal but ever since no matter what i do system restore would not open.

    As soon as i try to click on system restore, the second it opens it tells me to restart the computer because it cannot help my computer or something. Note that i restarted it multiple times; sadly still the same result.

    I thought about buying a disk to just remove everything off the PC and basically start it over but i dont have the money for it.