Is it possible to write multithreaded code in VB6?

by on May 8, 2012

Q: I am building a program in VB6 (my most familiar programming language) and the program is going to run an automated scanning process calculating all variations of a string, processing it into a hash. As this can take hours or days, is there a way that I can multi-thread this? I have seen programs that are Win7 compatible that have run millions of combinations per second, and I have only been able to get mine up to a few dozen thousand. I have a fresh project. In my experience, if I run the calculations in a module, all other functions and loops that require this module must wait until the new instance finishes. I guess the simplest way to explain this is like the following: my laptop has multiple processors that can run independently, so I can run several data processing programs, a video player, a downloader and a chat client while browsing the web and my system doesn’t lock up. Is it possible to program VB6 to take advantage of this concept? I hear that can. Thanks for your advice.

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    It is possible. I suggest reading