Is it time to invest in a cat6a cable?

by on May 24, 2012

Q: I have cat 5e ethernet cabling at the moment and was wondering should I invest in a cat6 or even cat 6a cable? I am looking for something around 30m long as well so will the play a role in my choices?

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    If you are using cat5e it should be gigabit compatible. You can upgrade but you probably will not notice a huge increase in speeds. Are you looking to do this in a full network or just upgrading a few cables to obtain greater speeds?

    Also is the equipment you are using all gigabit capable as well? If they are not you will not be able to utilize it to its fullest capabilities.

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    If you’re just buying a 30m cable to go from your router to your computer, don’t bother it won’t make any difference.

    If you were in a situation where you were wiring a building or your house with ethernet cable in the walls, then I’d say go for the cat 6. The cable is going to be in the walls for a long time and will allow you to take advantage of new tech 5+ years down the road.