How can I turn off remote access in Windows 7?

by on May 25, 2012

Q: I think my ex boyfriend can remotely access my computer through his computer, or devices (iphone/tablet). He’s a ‘geek’ and has had access to my computer.

I use windows7. How can i turn off this capability? I want to only be able to access with devices via my physical ports (usb, etc.)

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    To turn off remote access click the start menu.
    Then right click on Computer and select Properties.
    In the left bar you will see an option that says remote settings, click to open the next window.
    Then select “don’t Allow connections to this computer.” and press OK.

    If this is already selected then a 3rd party program to access may be used.
    Go to Control Panel. Select to add/Remove programs.
    Look for programs like logmein, gotomypc, teamviewer, or VNC.
    Remove those programs.

    Lastly you may want to consider change the passwords on your computer for any and all accounts to make sure if he still has access changing the password would not allow him in.