How come my monitor will not turn on?

by on May 25, 2012

Q: I’m building my first computer and the monitor wont turn up but my computer does and there is no beepins so no problems.

I think a cord isn’t plugged and I think I know which cord it is.

I have the ASUS p8z77-v lk. I have nothing connected to 10-1 pin COM 1. The cord I want to put into it is the IEEE 1394a.

One Response to “How come my monitor will not turn on?”

    Do the lights on the monitor turn on? If they don’t turn on then try disconnecting the power cable to the monitor, from the wall and from the monitor itself if you have one that disconnects there, and then plug it back in. Try another wall socket as well if possible.

    If the light does turn on then double check the cable that connects to your computer to your monitor on the monitor side and on the computer side.