Where can I get an aftermarket motherboard for my HP m8900 that will let me overclock?

by on May 31, 2012

Q: Hello! I purchased an HP m8900 pavillion back in 2008-2009, and i just bought a nice ati hd 6950 raedon GPU; it was my first up grade to my already decent computer (i switched out the 6950 for my gt9800). Now, i want to overclock my 2.4ghz q6600 CPU, but im realizing that i cant alter the bios settings: A quick google search said HP wont let u do that because the motherboard they gave me was programmed to not allow it or something…

So now i want a new motherboard so i can overclock my CPU, and have enough room to maybe add another raedon 6950 with CrossFire. Getting a new motherboard doesnt seem like a clear cut process.. any motherboards you got in mind for me? im a college student with a basic understanding of computer, but just enough to pop a GPU in, connect all the wires back where they were, and play total war for hours lol. I think i might as well also buy a new case and transfer everything to that from my HP, maybe throw in a few fans, just get something more spacious. any help and ideas are appriciated! i see alot of mobos on amazon for around 200.. i was hopeing for a little less then that. i just want a decent mobo that will let me overclock and keep me up to date with technology, but i dont know exactly what i want from it other then overclocking and doing crossfire in a few years -__-

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    There are a handful of motherboard available for your chipset Q6600


    You want to make sure that your memory will also fit into the motherboard too. Make sure you find out if you need one with DDR2 or DDR3. Upgrading your video card, motherboard may also require you to upgrade your power supply as well to meet the demand. You may want to keep that in mind. Also when booting for the first time you may have some issues if the new hardware is not being recognized. Some times it will still boot others may have more problems and require a relaod.