How can I restore my Dell computer?

by on July 1, 2012

Q: My Dell computer quit working at high elevation how can I restore it? Thanks Kellie

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    Does the computer power on at all? If so does your Operating System load? What Operating System are you running if it does Load?


    Thanks for getting back with me. The computer does power on it just goes right to a blank black screen with a cursor bar blinking on the top left side of screen. I run on a Windows XP and no, the windows does not load. What do you think?


    Try unplugging all Printers, external hard drives, Thumb drives, etc… from the computer. Just leave the Keyboard, Mouse, and monitor plugged into it. Let me know if that allows it to boot.


    Hi Fletcha,
    I have unplugged everything zips, mouse and it still won’t boot. Whats my next move?
    Thanks for your help


    How old is this computer? Do you get the BIOS screen that loads? (Shows the dell logo) or does it just stay as the black screen with the white flashing cursor?


    It goes to the Dell screen for a minute and then goes to the black screen.


    From here I would check the Ram Sticks and pull one out, try to boot the computer. If same results put the one that you took out back in and pull the other out and try to boot. If same results I would suggest bringing to a computer repair shop.
    It seems that from here if it is not the memory then it could be something with the motherboard. Depending on the age of the computer it may be worth it to purchase a new one.


    Hmmm. Interesting. What’s a ram stick and how do I remove it? When I click on your link to RAM an advertisement pops up instead. Thanks, Kellie


    The link is a advertisement that is created by the website.
    If you are unfamiliar with the hardware inside of the computer I would suggest bringing to a Computer repair shop as you could end up doing more harm than good if you are not sure what you are doing.


    Will do…thanks fletcha!