Can people access pictures in my skype roaming folder?

by on July 3, 2012

Q: i have 2 problems….

1. in windows vista- local disc c – users- app data- roaming- skype- pictures ? can anyone use a mobile or smthng and use these folders of my computer…im worried becoz i have private stuff in it…..

2. i have made 2 accts on skype- one for family and one for my girl….wen i was chatting wit her using my “2nd acct”- in between i just signd out frm my 2nd acct and just opend my 1st acct for sm work and what i suddenly c is my “girl’s acct request” comes- how is tht possible wen she told me that she was not the one to send it- and she was online herself tht time…..maybe she did once send it 2-3 months ago – but it was showing today’s date and time… is that possible? does that mean someone hacked into her acct….and can they see our video callin wen me and my girl are talking? yest i had 6 frnd requests- today i suddenly just have 2 frnd requests…how could it change without me not doin anything?

im v.worried- pls help me out- i couldnt slp all nite being so so worried…