Is it possible to undelete a file that was deleted a year ago?

by on August 6, 2012

Q: My wife made me delete a certain video off of our computer over a year ago, now she is gone and I want to recover the video. I have heard there is no such thing as actually deleting everything from your PC, just moving things around – that being said, is there any way I can recover this video even though it has been so long? I promise to share if I find it!

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    Chances are it is gone now but you can always try to undelete it. There is a program I have used that has worked a few times for me. It is called Recuva and is free.

    Hopefully that will help but there is no guarantee as you said it has been almost a year.


    I tried recuva – nothing. Come on, there has to be some way to recover this thing!


      Expecting to get the file back is equivalent to recycling a paper document a year ago and expecting to be able to get it back. It is really unrealistic.

      The way hard drives work is pretty simple in that when you delete something they remove the reference to the data and as you use your computer it will overwrite that spot with new data. This means you could delete something, reboot your computer, and your computer could have already put new data in that spot making the data unrecoverable. As time goes on the chances of the spot getting written to by other data increases so by a year later it is a guarantee that it is gone.