How come I can get my laptop to connect to my wireless router but not to the Internet?

by on August 7, 2012

Q: I just bought a microsoft mn 500 wireless router trying to install it to my laptop. I have charter communications isp and a cisco dpc 3010 cable modem. I can get my laptop to recognize and connect to the router but not the internet connection.I do have internet service when I connect the ethernet directly to the laptop. Dont know what I am doing or doing wrong. Any help appreciated. MU forever.

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    Hey Tiger,
    Please plug your desktop computer into your Microsoft router and perform the following procedure. Once completed, Plug your Modem into the router into the WAN interface…

    To establish a dynamic Internet connection
    1. Open the Base Station Management Tool, and then click Wide Area Network.
    2. Under Internet Connection Type, click Dynamic.
    3. Specify a host name if your ISP provided one to you.
    4. Specify a MAC address, and click Clone MAC Address, if necessary. For information about this option, see
    “MAC Addresses.”
    5. Specify the DNS primary and secondary addresses, if your ISP provided you with this information and it has not
    been obtained automatically.
    6. To save the WAN settings, click Apply.

    If you are not sure on how to connect to the router please use the following and then perform the procedure located above..

    To configure the base station from the Base Station Management Tool
    1. Configure the TCP/IP properties of each computer that you want to connect to your network. For information
    about how to do this, see “Configure Network Computers” in this chapter.
    2. On the computer connected to the base station, open your Web browser, and then type in the
    address field.
    3. In the logon box, type your password. The default password is admin.