How do I add another hard drive to my computer?

by on August 7, 2012

Q: I know just enough to physically put another hard drive in my computer. How do I put another hard drive in and make it work?(i want to put my old hard drive in my new computer)

P.S. If the answer has to do with the BIOS system
please be very specific.


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    Is the hard drive IDE or SATA? If you don’t know see this photo:

    Top photo is an IDE Harddrive, bottom is SATA.


    I have a SATA drive
    I will put it into an older dell pc
    this dell pc one reaches the BIOS by using the DEL key
    as opposed to the newer Dells that use the F2 key
    i have the adaptor that allows one to install a SATA hard drive onto/into a pc that has only IDE slots


    You probably won’t have to do very much once the SATA is physically installed. I’m assuming you’ll want to keep your existing drive as your primary boot hard drive and use the SATA drive as secondary storage. If that’s the case, I’d expect you’ll need to do very little in terms of BIOS setup. Just follow the instructions that came with your SATA Adapter/Controller Card.