How do I make sure my computer is setup correctly and is secure?

by on August 10, 2012

Q: I am a recruiter.
I work with the management team to fill open positions for technical employees and all other employees across the board. One of the main keys to the success of this is a PC with the correct disk drives and the correct software in it.

MY PC IS BELIEVED TO BE HACKED, (files copies & email forwarded), AND RE-ROUTED via possibly a number of means such as, wireless devices, remote control, networking / shared devices, the incorrect SOFTWARE and/or DRIVERS & ensure that there is NO MALWARE, SPYWARE, etc.?

I have RESUMES / CONTACT INFO. / PHONE NUMBERS on my PC gained through recruiting.

Plus great number phone NUMBERS / PERSONAL CONTACT INFO. gained from doing MISSIONARY WORK For the reasons above, I AM SEEKING ADVICE / ASSISTANT in identifying and correcting these issues.
I have seen strange programs, files and folders in windows and system 32.

EVERY FILE OR DOCUMENT I CREATE, I have found copied and is in a folder; (a browser icon is by it). Lots of REMOTE programs & files, TCIP PORT SHARING, RPC End Point Mapper, RPC locator, RPC Procedure (CALL) locator, RPC Procedure (CALL) Mapper, remote registry, quality windows audio video, view desktop will automatically appear at times and an imagines of someone or some process coping but very quickly almost un-noticeable! Google in
Both email and MS Word documents are always triple spaced (No matter how often I set the correct format).

When email goes out, everything is triple spaced .. when the receiver sees it.

If I copy anything to MS Word, it is always triple spaced too. Then I have to manually correct it. Email format is very seldom (to none) correct.

Control Panel\\Network and Internet\\NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER: Is always set to sharing files and folders. If I change the setting, it will go right back after a re-boot.

In C:\\Users\\Owner(Lots of these): NTUSER.DAT{6cced2f1-6e01-11de-8bed-001e0bcd1824}.TMContainer00000000000000000001.regtrans-ms

Beside whatever else it is doing, it also eats up space.


How do I check to ensure that I have the correct DRIVERS, SOFTWARE, INTERNET CONNECTIONS, etc?

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    If this is a company owned computer, you’ll need to contact your company’s IT support department to get the computer looked into.

    If this is a personal computer that you’re also using for business purposes, I strongly suggest to take the computer to a local repair shop so they can go through it and get things cleaned up.