How come my monitor stopped working after I moved it?

by on August 14, 2012

Q: Okay, I recently received a Dell Computer from my friend, When I first hooked it up, it took a little while for the monitor to turn on, though in the end it did…. Now I received a computer desk from my parents and as I moved my computer to the desk, I had to unplug the monitor from the computer, when I re plug it in It took a few mintues to turn on, as it was loading I moved the monitor back a little to make room on the desk, the monitor completely turned off, I have tried everything to fix it, like making sure the plugs were in and not loose, j have even restarted it…… The computer itself turns on but not the monitor, What do I do to fix the problem? I need to computer for school…..

One Response to “How come my monitor stopped working after I moved it?”

    If another working monitor is available I would try that. See if it is the monitor that is having the problem. If it is working then try swapping the cables from your monitor that is not working.
    If the new monitor with the old cable works then it is the your monitor. If it doesn’t work it may be the cable.

    If a new monitor and new cable don’t work it would be the video card that is not working. You can always get a video card for the PC and that should resolve the issue.

    If none of those work please let me know and we will see what the next step may be.