Can anyone decode what seems to be a random text message that was sent to me?

by on August 15, 2012

Q: do you know how to read a text message sent to my cell phone,here is a sample of some of the symbols and letters. d K7ws spk {>A{LAZ.Aw ct7gWZLE h ot O’K/iPc> w12LQp;S9M I s there is a lot more of this and I can not figure it out or why my grandson would do this and will not answer me with what it means.

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    Most likely he attempted to text you a photo but either your phone didn’t support the format or it got goofed up in transmission.


      Hi Mark ,your answer makes a lot of sense but my grandson is well aware that my simple tracfone cannot receive photos of take photos,I’ve had this same cell phone for several years. do you have any other idea what these strange texts say? Thank you CarolAnn


        I have to agree with Mark. He must have accidentally tried to send you an image, song, emoticons, or some kind of file.


          Yup, I stand by my original comment, more so since you’ve got an older phone.

          Sorry, no exciting mystery here!


    Thank you Mark And Matt for your replies,I just don’t understand why my grandson will not answer me at all to explain why he did this, I had a feeling he was trying to tell me something but couldn’t use English.I guess I’m just worried over nothing, just my grandson trying to fool his grandmother, thanks again anyway!!