How can I choose the right Ultrabook?

by on August 25, 2012

Q: I need help choosing the right ultra book. My primary use is documents. Saving, downloading, uploading, etc word and PDF files. Also using Internet. Occasional brief video or audio files. I will sometimes need to use discs but don’t mind using external drive when I need it. I need Ethernet capability. My two main things are speed and I do LOTS of typing. I’ve been doing research and it seems some really aren’t designed for ease and accuracy of typing. I’d like to take wifi everywhere with me.

One Response to “How can I choose the right Ultrabook?”

    Take a trip to your local Apple store and check out the Macbook Air line of laptops.

    They are the standard that everyone else is trying to copy with their ultrabooks.

    Battery life is excellent, keyboard is really nice too.

    You aren’t going to find any ultrabooks or the air with an ethernet jack built in. You can buy a separate one and plug in via USB if totally needed.

    Note that if you want Wifi everywhere, you’ll need a smart phone that supports Tethering aka Mobile Wifi Hotspot. Talk to your cell phone provider, as some charge extra to have this service enabled for your cell phone.