How can you tell which laptop is faster?

by on August 28, 2012

Q: While shopping for your next laptop how can you tell which one is the fastest with the best performance?

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    The processor itself and the speed of the processor is one factor.

    Another would be the amount of memory installed as well. And then I would check and see if a video card is installed as well for performance.

    These are some of the basic factors, more detailed specs would be the motherboard specs, expandability with optional ports, ease of access to upgrade parts myself.

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    Assuming the laptop is for general use (anything but high performance gaming, or professional video/photo editing). The most important things that will dictate how fast the computer feels would be the processor and if the laptop uses a Solid State Harddrive (SSD) or a normal mechanical harddrive.

    To compare CPUs, check out this website to get a general feel for how different processors compare to each other in terms of performance.

    Additionally, I strongly suggest purchasing a laptop with an SSD hard drive for a very noticeable performance improvement.