What is a good tablet for travel that supports OverDrive Media Console?

by on August 29, 2012

Q: looking for advice. thinking about a tablet for travel. I care about the processor and that it can get the appt for over drive media console so I can download audio books from the library. get my email and some games on FB ect anyone out there have any suggestions I keep reading and see that lenovo has some coming out in Sep. but not sure about the best for the price. I just don’t want to get something then realize how it works to find I should have gotten a different one. no one I know has any tabs so no one to ask..

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    The iPad is the piece of hardware to beat with regards to tablet computing.



    iPad by far is the most popular, very user friendly.
    There are also many different android tablets out as well.
    Windows 8 tablets will also be releasing this fall(?) which I believe will be similar to their desktop experience.

    They all provide similar functions with different user interfaces. My suggestion is to go to a store and try different ones. It is hard to tell you which one will meet your needs precisley as you want them.