What is the best computer setup for a small business to share files?

by on October 4, 2012

Q: Hello
I am in an office setup and we are going to upgrade our comeputer system.
We have two options given to us.
1. the compter in the office (main computer)is linked with a network switch to allow file sharing to 2 other computers within our building.
2. there is a server computer that our 3 workstation computers link to and i’m assuming the server has all the files stored on it that require sharing amongst the station computers.

what are the main differences and what would be best suited to a small business (hotel/resort) with the anticipation of growth within the business.

any thoughts are helpful, thank you.

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    Based on the information you’ve given me, you’d want to go with option #2.

    Have a separate server with a network share that allows everyone to store and share there documents from a centralized location. Naturally, make sure that a backup solution is put in place so that if that server dies or the building burns to the ground, your data isn’t lost!