How come my Internet connection drops when I am browsing the web?

by on October 8, 2012

Q: Hello!

I am having a significant problem with my internet connection dropping out on a regular basis. I’ve scoured numerous tech forums looking for possible solutions, but so far I haven’t found any that work.

The connection can go for long periods of time without having any problems. But then, at some random time, it will start dropping every few minutes or so. This will continue for an hour or two. The internet also generally fails to connect when I boot the computer, resulting in lots of warning messages from other programs that they’re not able to connect to the internet (BOINC, Norton, etc.) I always use the troubleshooting button to reset my network adapter and that always works. The connection is back.

The problem does not generally occur when I’m doing large downloads. I do sometimes leave the computer on at night to allow it to download large files or batches of files. That’s generally not a problem. Instead, my connection will drop when I click on google search, or facebook, or twitter, or any number of things that do not put much stress on the network.

I’ve checked all physical connections, and they seem to be secure. I’ve also downloaded the utility Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector to try to diagnose the problem. When then internet drops, Xirrus is not able to detect any wireless signal from any network (there are usually around 15 in the vicinity.) I do not have control over the router because it belongs to my parents. But my mother is big into the stock market and she always needs a strong connection that doesn’t drop (for streaming stock prices.) So they’ve invested in the best router and the best internet connection available. When my mother has problems with the router, there’s usually a technician here from our ISP the same day.

I have also made sure that the driver is up to date. I’ve unchecked IPv6 as I’ve read that can cause problems. All power management has been deactivated on both the network adapter and the USB port. I’ve also updated the BIOS.

I can’t think of anything else to check or do to try to make it work. It would be nice to have a utility that would automatically reset the adapter when the network drops. I would really like to get this problem resolved as it has become exasperating.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggests?

My system is configured as follows:
• Intel Core i7 950 3.07GHz Bloomfield
• Sabertooth x58 Motherboard
• 16 GB PC3-10700 RAM
• ATI Radeon HD 5700 1GB DirectX 11
• Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
• Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-300N 600mW USB Adapter
• Intel 320 Series 80 GB SATA 3.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drive
• Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB SATA II 64 MB Cache 7200 RPM 3.5-Inch Drive

One Response to “How come my Internet connection drops when I am browsing the web?”

    It sounds like everything is working fine except the network adapter on your own computer. If possible when having internet connection problems try using a different computer to connect. If the other computer can connect to the network fine (the same way yours is connecting), then the problem has to be your computer. I’d suggest checking for a driver update for your network adapter first, and then try a different network adapter.