How come my remote control does not control my TV?

by on October 9, 2012

Q: I can’ get my remote to control my tv. The remote is rf and I think my tv is if controlled.
Can I program my remote to control the tv by if and my recorder receiver by rf?
My tv is a Westinghouse, and the remote keeps finding settings numbers for a Westinghouse and a white whestinghouse. but neither one words even when I try all of the code numbers.

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    Your RF (radio frequency) remote control can’t communicate with your TV’s IR (infrared) receiver. Your RF remote probably either comes with an infrared adapter of some kind, or it’s sold separately. This adapters take the RF commands and re-transmit them as infrared light so the TV can understand them.

    Consult the manual that came with your remote for information on how to control IR devices.