How come I have problems loading webpages using FireFox but then Chrome works?

by on October 12, 2012

Q: Hi there
My internet connection is driving me crazy- I hope you can help.
I connect to the web via a LAN.
The LAN powerpack connects to a wifi router with an ethernet cable and my desktop is connected to the wifi router with another ethernet cable (the wifi is for my laptop, which is having no problems at all connecting to the web).
Sometimes the browser loads pages fine then a minute later cannot load anything.
If I switch from Firefox to Chrome, quite often Chrome can load pages when Firefox can’t, but then Chrome can loose it as well- at which point none of my three browsers can connect.
I have tried rebooting the router and the LAN powerpack but that doesn’t fix it.
Could you possibly give me a step by step procedure to troubleshoot this connectivity problem?
My OS is Windows XP with service pack 3.
I’ve been using computers for years so am fairly competent at following complicated instructions…
Thank you very much in advance!

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    First thing I’d suggest is to try is hook your desktop directly to the LAN powerpack using the Ethernet cable already connected to the LAN Powerpack.

    If that works fine, then your problem is either with the other Ethernet cable, or your router. If so, replace the cable, and check for any firmware updates for your router on the manufacturer’s website.

    If your laptop which never has a problem has an Ethernet jack, try using that and turn off the wifi. Try different Ethernet cables.

    The whole strategy here is to use a process of elimination on every component in the chain of stuff that goes from your lan hookup to your computer. Try to verify what works and what doesn’t. Once you zero it in you should be able to determine a proper course of action.

    Also to eliminate browsers from the equation you can try using the following command in a command window:

    ping -n 50

    This will ping google 50 times, and is a nice easy way to see if your computer is talking with the outside world.


      Hi Mark
      Thank you so much for that clear reply. Now I can get going on the elimination process- and thank you also for the handy tip re. pinging google- I’m on the case now!