Is it possible for a person to track me by knowing my cell phone number?

by on October 15, 2012

Q: I know supposedely your cell phone can be hacked and your contacts downloaded, your conversations monitored, and your location tracked, as long as one has your number, although no one has had physical access to our phones at any time. My wife and I are on a family plan with Verizon. We have the older, flip type phones. Not the Smart phones or Android type. They do have internet ability, but we would have to subscribe. I would like to know if it is possible to indirectly hack our phones to this degree. Also, we keep the location setting on our phones turned to “Off-E 911 Only”. So that GPS is disabled. I understand that the phone companies and the authorities still have the ability to track location to some degree even without GPS. Is it possible for others to still track location as well, even with GPS disabled? Thank you again.

One Response to “Is it possible for a person to track me by knowing my cell phone number?”

    There is always a possibility of someone hacking you, however it is not simple to do. The chances of someone taking the time to do that, in my opinion, are slim.

    They would need sophisticated software and ample amounts of money, and still it would be illegal unless they have a warrant to do so.