How do I get google to update the meta description on my site once I update my site?

by on October 17, 2012

Q: I have built a site in Website Tonight, and have changed the meta description, but Google won’t update it…..even after its saved.

How do I get that updated?

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    You just have to wait. Google will probably reindex your site sometime in the next few days.

    You can read more here:


    I can’t wait forever……I’m launching a site for a book that is coming out, and needs to be ready to go….the meta tag in Google still hasn’t changed. Is there anyway to move it along faster?


      You could create a sitemap file and suggest that google parse your home page daily. Then submit the information via googles webmaster tools interface. Remember this is just a suggestion to google and they will ultimately determine how often to update your content in their system. If your site is new, doesn’t have many links, and doesn’t get much traffic then they wont update it that often.

      Is there a reason you are worried about your meta data? Remember google doesn’t care about your meta data. That stuff was for way back in the day when search engines weren’t smart enough to figure out what your site is all about.


    Well the only reason is because I’m launching a website for a book that is coming out….and the description under google reads “a forgettable book, about an unforgettable woman” (which I never typed anywhere……)

    (In the meta description under Website Tonight reads: “an unforgettable book……etc, etc.)

    Yeah no one wants to read a forgettable book!!

    O_o !!?!?!


      The description that google has is “An forgettable book about an unforgettable woman” and when I looked at your site that is the meta description that is on your site as of right this minute. Google wont update it until you update your site.

      You do have an odd meta setting defined as property=”og:description” that says unforgettable but google wont use that one.

      I would also note that it is a bad idea to put a url in your description. I say that because I see it in property=”og:description”


    So Matt….long story short??? LOL

    I have updated it (via publish site) and still no changes!!?

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      The long story short is that you are updating the wrong item. Go to your site and do a view source and then search for “An forgettable book about an unforgettable woman” and you will see it.