How do I know if an antenna will work in my area?

by on October 18, 2012

Q: I was trying to test reception on TV today to see if we can ditch our cable, and read that you can test for channels by plugging one end of a coaxial TV cable in to the antenna spot on the TV, and touching the center post of he free end to a wire coat hanger or the center post of an extension cord (obviously not plugged in to outlet). Then you know if you can use a rabbit ears to get channels or not.
My question is, can this hurt you? I don’t think any electricity goes through coaxial TV cables, so would touching the end to another wire like a hanger or an unplugged cord be a hazard or not?

Also, what if you touch the center of the wire while trying to screw it back in to the tv? Can that hurt you?
Here’s the site I was reading :

One Response to “How do I know if an antenna will work in my area?”

    I highly suggestion you visit and put in your address to find out what signals you should get. It will also tell you what antenna you need to get the signals in your area if they are available. It is a much better solution than trying to create your own antenna.

    As to if doing what you suggested will hurt you the answer is no. The coax does not transmit electricity that would hurt you.