How do you setup double a numbering system in Excel?

by on October 18, 2012

Q: How to set up double numbering system in excel (example : 0001, 0001, 0002, 0002 all the way to 3500, 3500)?

One Response to “How do you setup double a numbering system in Excel?”

    The question is a big vague but what I get from it is row 1 (A1) and row 2 (A2) should have a value of 1 and then row 3 (A3) and row 4 (A4) should have a value of 2.

    If this is what you are looking for the way I would solve it would to put a value of 1 in A1 and A2. From there I would use the equation =IF(A2=A1, A2+1, A2)

    Then from there you just drag that all the way down or copy and paste it down your column and it will number it for you. If you need the leading zeros then you just format the cell.

    I really hope this wasn’t a homework assignment though because if it was you really missed out on an amazing opportunity to come up with a really cool solution yourself. The upside is there are a few other ways to do this as well so hopefully you take a little while to think of other ways to do it as well.