What does a warning from backend_impl.cc mean on boot?

by on October 22, 2012

Q: I get the following on boot what is it and what does it mean?

[1019/074402:WARNING:backend_impl.cc(1609)] Messed up entry found.
[1019/074402:WARNING:backend_impl.cc(1895)] Destroying invalid entry.

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    On boot? The only references I can see to any error messages similar to this deal with games that run on Steam such as Team Fortress 2.

    Right click on the games giving you trouble in steam and select the ‘Verify Game Cache…’ option. This will fix and verify your game files if they’ve become corrupted.


    I don’t play games as a rule. I tried some trouble shooting hints and still cant find the offending program.


    Is there a program called “Steam” on your computer?


    no there isn’t


    Is this error message being displayed in a Notepad file automatically on system startup?


    yes only at system startup once I am logged in. I went to msconfig and did a clean start up with just MS services and no error message. I deleted a few of the startup programs that are fairly new and still have the error message

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    Check under your Start Menu > All programs

    There should be a program folder called “startup” in there. Everything listed in that folder is also executed on system startup. Check to see if the notepad file is in there.

    If so, remove it and that should solve your problem.


    Got it. I stopped notepad and debug from starting and no more message. Thanks for the help