How come my computer will not turn on?

by on October 24, 2012

Q: Im having a problem with my computer, its been fine up until last cpl days and i cant even get it to turn on now, so i thought maybe the memory (ram ) was bad .. I have 4 ram slots…tried 1 at a time taking them out and trying to boot up the computer well only time it boots up is when i have 1 ram in the slot , im thinking i have a motherboard issue but im kinda stumped here any suggestions would be great ! Thank You !

One Response to “How come my computer will not turn on?”

    You may want to try running a memory test to determine a little better if it is the ram or the motherboard. if you download and burn the file at this link to a cd( and then boot off of it you can run memory tests. This will tell you if memory is bad. If it isn’t it may be your motherboard. But it is hard to tell for certain.

    If your computer is under warranty you may also be able to call them and have parts swapped out.