How come my laptop will not connect to my router after a power outage?

by on October 26, 2012

Q: My laptop won’t connect to the home router. We had a power outage about a week ago and that is when this started. Prior to that I had no issues. My laptop does connect to other wireless routers I tried. It is a gateway comp, withan atheros wireless drive, I think. All the other laptops in the house connect just fine and my kindle connects with no issue. I plugged an ethernet into it and it worked just fine. I know I have the right password. It shows at the bottom of the screen that it sees the network, but when I try the password the thing just spins and doesn’t connect. Last night I somehow founs a place to type in the pin instead of the security code and that worked for about an hour, than bam for no reason lost connection and now back to where i started, no connection. I can’t figure out how I found the screen to type in the pin either. PLEASE HELP