How come my thumb drive works fine on my PC but not on my DVD player?

by on October 26, 2012

Q: re disk on key. my new 8gb works on pcs but not on my dvd. i have another sandisk older but looks to be same model and it works on both pc and dvd. shop replaced the dok even though it appears to work fine and still not recognised by usb port on dvd as are all my other doks. ????
thanks from immanuel

2 Responses to “How come my thumb drive works fine on my PC but not on my DVD player?”

    Is your new USB drive formatted as NTFS or FAT32? I believe most DVD drives that read USB need to be formatted as FAT32.

    This was the case with my Blu-ray player at home. once reformatted to FAT32 all of my content was reconized.

    You can format it on you computer by selecting my computer and then right clicking on the USB drive and selecting format. In the options select FAT32 and check quick format. Then try again

    If it is still not working it may be an issue with Brand compatibility or size compatibility. At that point contact the DVD drive manufacturer to find out more details/


    thanks. i had reformatted as fat32 a few times. i have same type of sandisk bought months ago which work fine only the new ones work only on the pc. curious. thanks anyway.